Logo and branding

I've been doing Branding for a few years and really enjoy the process.

Nick's Organic
Nick's Organic is a little side project. My fiance and I are preparing handmade gifts for our friends. We're making our own jams, ketchup, soap, flavoured vodka etc. We'll put them in our own bags and give them away for different occasions.

Blagers.co was a side project that me and a couple of friends started in 2014. What distinguished this project from previously known site opinions, was giving users access to original functionality while being visually outstanding. I designed the site and functionality. 
Flexible Branding is an identity scheme that can flex and adapt to different situations, messaging, people. A lot more appropriate in the multi-channel, multi-lingual world that brands now inhabit. Some designers are ceasing to creating logo-centred identities, instead creating systems made of rules that can be adapted and manipulated.
I changed the logo for special occasions like Christmas and Halloween. The Primary Logo looked like this:
Fashion designer Ewelina Ziemek asked me to design a logo for her:

Venga logo

Branding for Peter Rula Constructions

tHirty2O logo

In 2008 I won the logo contest. My design is used by a nursery in Poland.

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